KAPUT - Tom Flanagan

“[Kaput] just reaches in and puts a string of coloured lights around your heart.” - The Scotsman
"Tom Flanagan's silent-movie clowning in Kaput is pure delight." - The Australian

Kaput, the multi-award winning family show has melted hearts of all ages around the world with it's glorious brand of slapstick, acrobatics and total silliness. Be swept up in the mayhem that is the larger-than-life 'elegant buffoon' Tom Flanagan, as one man’s life is flipped upside-down by the lonely, dust-covered world that surrounds him. This clumsy ‘Mr. Fixit’ takes one step forward and two-steps back in a highly skilled, hilariously funny and beautifully poignant bit of madness.

Tom’s first solo show - Kaput - opened early 2012 to a premier sold-out season at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, where it was nominated for Best Circus & Physical Theatre. It then went on to receive critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where the show won Mervyn Stutter's Spirit of the Fringe Award, and was listed by the Scotsman as one of the top 5 comedy shows at the Fringe.

Since then Tom Flanagan’s silent slapstick acrobatic comedy show Kaput has toured four continents, won countless awards and collected fans from 5 to 95 years old.

Media praise for Kaput:

…dangerously clever” - Rip it Up 

Were some gifted comedy scientists able to inject the spirit of Norman Wisdom into a young Paul Nicholas, they would create something very similar to Tom Flanagan.” - The Scotsman

Tom Flanagan is a hugely talented physical performer…” - The West Australian

"Watching this hilariously adept performer fighting the forces of chaos was a treat." - Sydney Morning Herald

Flanagan channeled every slapstick genius from Buster Keaton to Los Trios Ringbarkus…” -The West Australian

The hooligan acrobatics of clown Tom Flanagan are a pure joy to watch” - Australian Times (UK)